The Stone Mother (Herself) – The Unconformity

A commission for Flux project at The Unconformity, Queenstown, curated by Liquid Architecture and the Unconscious Collective.

The Stone Mother (Herself)
 was originally conceived as a crystal radio and vocal performance at The Unconformity festival in the remote mining town of Queenstown, Tasmania. Using local minerals to glean electromagnetic frequencies, embodying the spirit of the mountain and the underground. The title of the project is derived from the Slavic mythological story of the The Mistress of the Copper Mountain, about a mysterious mountain spirit who was known to allow or prevent mining in certain places. Miners believed her to be their protector and the guardian of underground riches. She was known variously as the Malachite Maiden, The Stone Mother, and, was usually referred to by miners, simply as, ‘Herself’.

Photos: Keelan O’Hehir

Costume: Sabio