RISING is a radio installation for Moon rising signals by Sisters Akousmatica.

They use radios as instruments, stitch collective conductive maps of female sound makers, built FM, crystal and dress transmitters with kids and adults, speak two languages and light Morse code between their houses. 
RISING is an exploration of invisible communication signals based on EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) to sing loud with the stellar wind, feet in the ground of sand and ears in the ocean of air.

RISING is a finalist for the Women’s Arts Prize Tasmania 2019, a touring exhibition in 3 art centers.

RISING, 2019

Radio transmitter + receiver, audio player, speakers, mineral, brass, paper. 65 cm x 3 cm (2)

The Silent Key

Is an on-going Sisters Akousmatica project.

Investigating, embedding and creating mysterious radio broadcasts.

Sisters Akousmatica examine further the waves of anonymous/clandestine radio broadcast as a vehicle for archiving women’s role in sound (art, music and broadcast) through an interrogative, parasitical way of creating and collecting content. Seeding of their Silent key investigations was developed with funding from South Australian arts organisation Vitalstatistix, through their national hot-housing project Adhocracy 2017.

NM,SK commissioned for Radiophrenia 2017, Scotland, was the first radio work exploring the phenomenon.

Following unusual signals across the earth, Sisters Akousmatica wrote a book about their research (SK as part of The People’s Library 2018), and use it as a score to dissect the silent key phenomena.

A remote performance of the Chapter One: Signal fantôme ~ Onde fantôme was selected among 130 proposals to radio play for the International Women’s Day event, Celebrating Women in Sound, 8 March 2018, at the Great Hall of Goldsmiths University, London.

Sisters Akousmatica’s work was presented in The Room of Sounds in Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on the 10th of August 2018.

Live remote performance from Bloemfontein, South Africa.

CHAPTER TWO : Propaganda at The Gender Diversity in Music Making Conference, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, Sunday 8 July 2018, 15.40-16.10.

CHAPTER 3 : Radical Networks, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany, October 19-21 2018. Live performance from Queenstown/Glebe, Tasmania.

CHAPTER 4 : Radioccult, The People’s Library, Salamanca Art Center, Hobart, Tasmania

CHAPTER 5 : Soundklub, The Grand Poobah, Hobart, Tasmania

The Silent Key website

Sisters Akousmatica Silent Key page

A.I.R (Julia Drouhin) – Vrystaat Kunstefees

In 2018 I was the technical producer for Julia Drouin’s A.I.R project for Vrystaat Kunstfees, South Africa.

A.I.R. (Altitude Immersive Radio) is a radio walk, a poetry book launch, a street performance, a community artwork, a cloud of transmission, a wearable antenna, a relay of live broadcasts, a lost lover picnic in public space.

Based on posters seen in the streets of Bloemfontein, a Lost Lover book was written in collaboration with South African and Tasmanian writers between 2016 and 2018 as a score for the performance. Wordsmith and local field recordings will be received by moving bodies and radio balloons, embodying both the poetry and the airwaves. 

A.I.R.(Altitude Immersive Radio) is the 2018 Signature project of the Programme for Innovation in Artform Development (PIAD), an Arts initiative by the University of the Free State and the Vrystaat Art Festival, generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Public Art Project (PAP), SITUATE Art in Festivals, Adelaide Tambo Public Library, Australia Council for the Arts, broadcast by MED FM, CUT FM, Mosupatsela FM, Motheo FM.

Artist: Julia Drouhin | Poet and co-publisher: Thuthukani Ndlovu | Costume designer: Pontsho Disela | Producer: Kezia Gerber | Curator: Miné Kleynhans & Angela De Jesus | PAP producer: Adriaan Meyer | SITUATE producer: Emma Porteus | Technical producer: Phillipa Stafford | Authors : Nkhabu Armok, Felicia Atkinson, Lindiwe Bakaqa, Richie Cyngler, Selena De Carvalho, Rachel Edwards, Kay Da Word (Kananelo Khosi), Mbongeni Khumalo (Dominuis Litis), Arjan Kok, Raymond Letsitsa, Maanvrou – Lunar Lady (Elzette Boucher), Busisiwe Mahlangu, Hlengiwe Mbanjwa, Eyethu Mfazwe, Mohato (Moleboheng Morakabi), Reabetswebotle Mokone (IAMLimit), Tshepo Molefe, Ayanda Msweli, Thuthukani Ndlovu, Osiiiris (Thabo Happiness Masiza), Edith Perrenot, Toiwa Petronella (Nellah Nonkondlo Mtanenhlabathi), Bernadette Richards, Jubilee Rivombo, Nthabeleng Sekee, Louine Slater, Soil —, Supermaket Flowers (Lindokuhle Maphatwana), Bontle Tau, Th’Amare (Eric Ragoabe), Lerato Tsotetsi, Tumi “Wordshifter” (Itumeleng Makgoale), Vutivi (Baloyi Sharon), Xtreme Sanity (Mercy Dhliwayo) | Jewelers :  Adelaide Mogweng, Anne-Marie Mashiara, Feigh Feigh | Performers : Nduk’nhleh, Ditaba Kotsi, Adelaide Mogweng, Anne-Marie Mashiara, Feigh Feigh, Osiiiris, Raymond Letsitsa, Kayn, Teddy, Lebo, Dewald Bux, Pontsho Disela

XYL – Sisters Akousmatica @ Mona Foma 2018

Thirteen new radiophonic works by thirteen sound artists are broadcast from transmission points dispersed along the Intercity Cycleway between Hobart and Mona (eleven km), curated by Phillipa Stafford and Julia Drouhin. Grab a radio and tune in as you walk/ride/rollerblade on 90.0FM to and from the festival hub at Mona. Radios are available (for a small deposit) at the Mofo Box Office at Brooke Street Pier and at Mona.

Featuring Felicia AtkinsonFari BradleyNina BuchananDinahbirdCamilla HannanJoyce HinterdingMiyuki JokirantaRipley KavaraDani KirbyLisa LerkenfeldtLinda PerssonLucreccia Quintanilla and Tricky Walsh.

Transmission Activation
Friday 19 January 2018, 10am

Friday 19 January 2018, 10am–6pm
Saturday–Sunday 21 January 2018, 9am–6pm
Intercity Cycleway, Hobart to Mona

Presented in partnership with Mona Foma 2018.

Sisters Akousmatica’s project XYL was assisted through Arts Tasmania Artist Investment Program by the Minister for the Arts.

Thanks #mofo2018, we walked from Hobart to Mona for 4 hours to activate 13 new sound works for XYL on 90.0FM with our first legal broadcasting licence!

For more info and documentation go to the XYL page on the Sisters Akousmatica website

The Stone Mother (Herself) – Dark Mofo

Lost signals and voices from the electro-magnetosphere seethe and mutter in the dark.



Curated by Brendan Walls

Robert Ashley (USA)
Peter Blamey (SYD)
Sally Ann McIntyre (NZ)
Eden Meure (TAS)
Pip Stafford (TAS)

A gallery remounting of The Stone Mother (Herself) and performance. This installation featured two of the crystal radios built for the original performance.

Iris (installation)

Originally commissioned by ABC Radio National, Iris was curated into Passages at Contemporary Art Tasmania by Emily Bullock.

For this exhibition the sound work was expanded into a installation, with the addition of original blueprints for the house it was recorded in and about, and a balsa and paint model of the house created from my own memory.



Curator: Emily Bullock

This exhibition is an outcome of the Contemporary Art Tasmania Curatorial Mentorship Program.Passages brings together six artists whose work engages with the subjective and sensory encounters between people and place. Featuring artists working across a range of media, the works feature tactile, emotional apprehensions of intimate places and experiences to reflect on the inseparability of inside and outside, seeing and travelling, memory and imagination, vision and touch. In offering affective mappings of intimate spaces, Passages questions the cold, totalising visual representations of maps, offering moving engagements with places that have the potential to re-make the globe anew.

NM SK – Radiophrenia Commission

Sisters Akousmatica were commissioned for a new radio art work by Radiophrenia Scotland in 2017.

Radio: drag the dial across frequencies at any given time, any given place and you will hear a cacophony of sounds. Static, pops and crackles, whistles, the tap, tap tap of the world and the universe going about its electromagnetic business. In between those sounds are stations: broadcasts that are music, news, chatter, cryptic messages and espionage. Stretching out around the world in a network of terrestrial communication, bouncing off the heaviside and landing back again to be collected by radio-listeners – in cars and in kitchens. Sisters Akousmatica are always listening – seeking out the strange broadcasts destined for…

NM, SK begins to examine some of the recordings they have made in their quest to research “the silent key” – a series of broadcast messages that they discovered in the winter of 2017.

The RADIOPHRENIA station is managed by Mark Vernon and Barry Burns and is funded through Creative Scotland’s Open Project Funding with additional support from CCA Glasgow and Outset Scotland.

This work has since been re-broadcast by Resonance FM and Wave Farm on WGXC.