XYL – Sisters Akousmatica @ Mona Foma 2018

Thirteen new radiophonic works by thirteen sound artists are broadcast from transmission points dispersed along the Intercity Cycleway between Hobart and Mona (eleven km), curated by Phillipa Stafford and Julia Drouhin. Grab a radio and tune in as you walk/ride/rollerblade on 90.0FM to and from the festival hub at Mona. Radios are available (for a small deposit) at the Mofo Box Office at Brooke Street Pier and at Mona.

Featuring Felicia AtkinsonFari BradleyNina BuchananDinahbirdCamilla HannanJoyce HinterdingMiyuki JokirantaRipley KavaraDani KirbyLisa LerkenfeldtLinda PerssonLucreccia Quintanilla and Tricky Walsh.

Transmission Activation
Friday 19 January 2018, 10am

Friday 19 January 2018, 10am–6pm
Saturday–Sunday 21 January 2018, 9am–6pm
Intercity Cycleway, Hobart to Mona

Presented in partnership with Mona Foma 2018.

Sisters Akousmatica’s project XYL was assisted through Arts Tasmania Artist Investment Program by the Minister for the Arts.

Thanks #mofo2018, we walked from Hobart to Mona for 4 hours to activate 13 new sound works for XYL on 90.0FM with our first legal broadcasting licence!

For more info and documentation go to the XYL page on the Sisters Akousmatica website

The Stone Mother (Herself) – The Unconformity

A commission for Flux project at The Unconformity, Queenstown, curated by Liquid Architecture and the Unconscious Collective.

The Stone Mother (Herself)
 was originally conceived as a crystal radio and vocal performance at The Unconformity festival in the remote mining town of Queenstown, Tasmania. Using local minerals to glean electromagnetic frequencies, embodying the spirit of the mountain and the underground. The title of the project is derived from the Slavic mythological story of the The Mistress of the Copper Mountain, about a mysterious mountain spirit who was known to allow or prevent mining in certain places. Miners believed her to be their protector and the guardian of underground riches. She was known variously as the Malachite Maiden, The Stone Mother, and, was usually referred to by miners, simply as, ‘Herself’.

Photos: Keelan O’Hehir

Costume: Sabio

(S)tone Tensions with Linda Persson

////// O/O/O (Der Mund spricht die Gedanken aus – Die Landschaft gibt ihren Klang)

A second ‘time collapse’ performance (first time in Iceland 2015) as part of ////O/O/O at Velferden.

(S)Tone Tension, is a performance with 2 parts, taking place between Norway and Tasmania. Whilst I be using voice summoning frequencies through repetition, fire and stones creating a sonic ritual live, with the attempt to allow the old mine stones below us release their tension. Meanwhile Pip Stafford used electromagnetic frequencies from Tasmanian stones and crystals from old mines to make the stones heard from Tasmania, as a live stream. Together we forced a total time collapse, only experienced as a simultaneous act at Velferden, Norway.

That night 27th/28th the volcano Katla in Iceland was detected to have a big tremor. Me and Pip work on releasing the angst of the stones below us.

Linda Persson – http://www.lindapersson.org/stone-tension/4594150982



Sisters Akousmatica

Sisters Akousmatica was the first collaborative project between Julia Drouhin and Phillipa Stafford. This project has grown to become an umbrella for their collective practice.

Sisters Akousmatica and 3CR were awarded the CBAA Excellence in Music Programming award at the 2017 CBAA Conference.

Featuring eves (NZ/VIC), Angie Garrick (NSW), Kate Geck (VIC), Rosalind Hall (VIC), Shani Mohini-Holmes with Georgie Darvidis (VIC), radio cegeste (NZ/TAS) and Ela Stiles (NSW)

Performance and talk
Thu Mar 17, 7pm | The Channel, 100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Read more
Performance, walking tour and broadcast
8 May 11am–6pm | Departed from Signal, North Bank

Live on 3CR 855AM and streamed online at 3cr.org.au

11–21 May | Signal

Sisters Akousmatica is a city-scale radio orchestra. Over seven hours, seven female artists perform on the banks of the Yarra River, their sounds broadcast via radio transmission. Meanwhile, armed with a collection of portable radios, Radio Queens Julia Drouhin and Pip Stafford lead a procession through the streets of Melbourne, stopping at various locations along the way to tune in to each live performance.

Radiophonic transmission and the city soundscape fold together to become an acoustic web that changes hour by hour and culminates in an installation work at Signal, capturing, multiplying and archiving the performance works as a radiophonic acousmonium.

Sisters Akousmatica was developed through Next Wave’s Emerging Curators Program with Liquid Architecture for Next Wave Festival 2016.

Sisters Akousmatica website

The Radio Impulse

Underbelly Arts, Cockatoo Island, Sydney

This project was made possible by the Underbelly Arts Development Program.

A giant copper cloud gleans electromagnetic noise from its surroundings. A listening station for multiple listeners. A radio box in the third and final installment.

A performance activation, improvised sound collaboration with Lucy Phelan, Angela Garrick and Megan Alice Clunes.


Residency and exhibition at Speedy Grandma, Bangkok.

Electro_Medium was the second of a series of three experiments in ‘sound divination’, using a purpose-built radio which traveled from Hobart, Tasmania to divine sounds from the local area. Using a crystal radio to make electromagnetic frequencies audible, Electro_Medium gives an insight into the unseen world of radio – the waves that are invisible but all around us. This residency and exhibition project used the radio box to divine sounds from sites in Bangkok, which were re-imagined in the gallery using conductive paint, copper tape and graphite as both two dimensional forms and antenna devices.

The work was activated by a sound performance using the radio signals at the opening event.

This project was assisted by Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.


Bus Projects, Melbourne.

A performance using a custom built crystal radio at a high voltage marker on the bank of the River Derwent, Tasmania. A ritual performed at dawn and dusk, for no audience, other than dog walkers and videoed by the artist. The performance was then projected into the Bus Projects space, where the crystal radio box was also installed and left to make electromagnetic sound of its own divination throughout the exhibition period.

The exhibition was opened with an activation performance with Papaphilia.

This was the first a series of three performances using this crystal radio box.

Production assistance by Emma Bugg and Guy Paramore.
Dramaturgical mentoring Nancy Mauro-Flude.

This project was assisted by Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

A Rat’s Nest

2012 Mona Scholarship Recipient

Exhibition held September 2013 at the Mona Library Gallery.
A Rat’s Nest was an initial exploration of the materiality of radio waves, supported by the Mona Scholarship.

Seven crystal radios with sculptural copper antennae, freeform crystal growths and time-lapse videos of crystal growth. A performance activation at the opening event.

Opening address by Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude.

Fabrication assistance: Guy Paramore

Photos: Fred + Hannah