The Stone Mother (Herself) – Dark Mofo

Lost signals and voices from the electro-magnetosphere seethe and mutter in the dark.


Curated by Brendan Walls

Robert Ashley (USA)
Peter Blamey (SYD)
Sally Ann McIntyre (NZ)
Eden Meure (TAS)
Pip Stafford (TAS)

A gallery remounting of The Stone Mother (Herself) and performance. This installation featured two of the crystal radios built for the original performance.

A Rat’s Nest

2012 Mona Scholarship Recipient

Exhibition held September 2013 at the Mona Library Gallery.
A Rat’s Nest was an initial exploration of the materiality of radio waves, supported by the Mona Scholarship.

Seven crystal radios with sculptural copper antennae, freeform crystal growths and time-lapse videos of crystal growth. A performance activation at the opening event.

Opening address by Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude.

Fabrication assistance: Guy Paramore

Photos: Fred + Hannah